ULYSSIS CTF: getting routers to work

In order for things to work for the ULYSSIS CTF, we had to configure a bunch of routers (in this case, a D-Link GO-RT-N150). However, the web UI config was very limited, but we suspected the actual config format underneath was much more flexible. In the web UI, there’s an option to import and export a config file. But on first sight, it looks like […]

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i++: automatic lap counting system

At FOSDEM, our alumnus Roel Standaert gave a presentation on i++, the lap counting system used at the 24h run.

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Getting rid of mod_php without breaking anything

This is the story about how ULYSSIS managed to get rid of its old mod_php-based shared webhosting setup and replaced it with a new and improved PHP-FPM-based setup, without breaking our users’ sites. If you’re not interested in the story, rationale and background information, you can skip ahead to the “how”. If you’re interested in the story and the “why” though, read right along. The […]

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